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Wolves -This program will focus on the historical and biological impact wolves have had in the past and how the changes in habitat will affect their future. Featuring Ted the gray wolf, students will see a live wolf and learn how wolves and people can exist together. 






Stinkers of Iowa – This program has a focus on the mustelids or weasel family of Iowa. The program has a variety of taxidermy for students to touch. Species include Fisher, Badger, and River Otter to name a few. The program also includes two live mustelids as well as information on one of the most endangered species in North America, the Black Footed Ferret. 

monarch-newsMonarch Sustainability- This program will focus on the conservation of the Monarch Butterfly. It will teach about the Monarchs life cycle, what it does for our ecosystem, and the importance of Milkweed. Live plants and Monarchs in various stages of its life cycle are available.




imageBiodiversity – This program will focus on the importance of all living things and how together they help create healthy ecosystems. Living Plants, Insects, Amphibians, Reptiles and Mammals are all part of this program. The focus is on the best way to save the planet begins in our own back yard. 




h_Spiny-SoftshFour Habitats – This program will focus on 4 habitats found in Iowa, Forest, Wetlands, Prairie and Urban. Amphibians, Reptiles and Mammals are all part of this program. This program will have students make their own habitat guide they can use at home and on campus.


These programs are fun and exciting designed to last 40 minutes or inside one class period. Perfect for schools, libraries, and civic organizations. The cost is $250 and include wildlife ambassadors, enclosures, transportation, staff, program display and materials.


IMG_5601Research Programs – These programs have a research science base and are designed to develop citizen scientists and begin school age students on inquiry based learning. 





Wolves wolf-pups-3of the Midwest – This program is designed to keep the audience up to date on our Midwest Wolf Sustainability Program. Researches share data collected in the field and trends in dispersal of the wolves in the Western Great Lakes Distinct Population Segment. Programs based on education, ethology, conflict, and citizen scientists open the world of the wolf to old and new. Programs from this research has been shared at the Midwest Wolf Stewards Conference, International Wolf Symposium, and the Iowa Academy of Science to name a few.




Monarch of the Sky – This program is designed to keep the audience up to date on our Monarch Butterfly Sustainability Program. Researchers share data on the current status of the monarch butterfly and teach the basics on how to participate in the program. The goal is to create citizen scientist that can collect data and contribute to the program. From raising monarchs from eggs and caterpillars to creating monarch habitat on campus or at home, all ages can participate and help save what could be the next endangered species. 




Little brown batGuardians of the Night – This program is designed to keep the audience up to date on our Bat Sustainability Program. Researchers share the status of bats in North America as they face White-Nose Syndrome, and invasive disease that was brought to the U.S. by one tourist. The goal is to create citizen scientists that can collect data. Building bat houses, locating roosting sites, and conducting pre and post volent bat counts are all part of the program. Participation will help monitor the spread of the disease and help locate hibernacula on private property for these very threatened and endangered species. 




Predator, Prey & People – This program will focus on the return of the Cougar, Gray Wolf and Black Bear to Iowa. Why did they come back and where will they live are a few of the dynamics looked into. Prey relations as food sources for all three are considered as well as the human impact from habituation to hatred. Species identification and wildlife management issues are presented and discussed. People can learn how to conduct winter tracking surveys overseen by staff scientists and researchers.

Large Indoor & Outdoor Displays:

2015-07-04 08.08.20-1imagePredator, Prey and People – This display features our Wolf. Display includes 1 – 10’X10’X6′ enclosures, 1 – transportation vehicles, educational signage, and up to 2 staff members. People will see up close species that share the same habitat and ecosystems. Visitors will also understand the roles each species play in biodiversity and the impact they have with people. The display is open during all event hours with up to 4 scheduled programs with Q & A opportunities. The cost is $1,000 per day plus accommodations and mileage of $1.50 per mile from Des Moines, IA.




Help fund conservation efforts in Iowa! We will have several fundraisers throughout the year to not only help with Monarch Butterfly conservation but all species native to the state of Iowa. Every month for the year 2015 PWC will hold a fundraiser at the UrbandalePizza Ranch and Des Moines Metro Pizza Huts in store (EVERY location in Iowa if ordered online using the code WILDLIFE). All you have to do to participate is bring in these coupons to your local Pizza Hut each month for their fundraising date and enjoy some delicious food! Its a great way to feed your family AND help protect Iowa wildlife. Below are the coupons for this months fundraisers, click the image to print them.

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Pella Wildlife Company

…was established in the Fall of 2006. Ron DeAarmond, the founder and CEO, has held a USDA license for over 25 years. He has also held DNR licenses in Illinois and Iowa. Experienced with mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds, Ron has worked with schools, libraries, US Army Corps of Engineers, DNR, County Conservation Board, wildlife education facilities, genetic bank, drive through wildlife parks and zoos. A non-profit organization, Pella Wildlife Company was established to focus on three areas of animal welfare – education, sustainability and conservation.

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Education: Pella Wildlife Company provides S.T.E.M. based wildlife education programs to students PreK through university levels. Wildlife education programs are also provided to city, county, state and federal agencies. Conservation: Pella Wildlife Company is committed to the natural reestablishment of wildlife to their historically native habitat and research to ensure stable populations for the future. Pella Wildlife Company works with university students and gives them valuable field experience as they work towards degrees in Wildlife Ecology, Environmental Science and Animal Science to name a few. Sustainability: Pella Wildlife Company is committed to the sustainability of wildlife species through biodiversity and a common sense approach to wildlife management based on science. Wildlife rehabilitation will assist in sustainability as people and wildlife interact. The genetic bank will also guarantee species will not go extinct due to habitat loss.

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Business Record 2013

We appreciate the efforts that Pella Wildlife is making to extend the value of wildlife education programs in Iowa.
– Kevin Baskins Iowa DNR

Pella Regional Health Care

…this endeavor would be advantageous to the community, schools, wildlife and citizens not only in the Lake Red Rock area; but wildlife throughout the world would benefit by Mr. DeArmond’s commitment to animal welfare. I highly recommend Pella Wildlife…
– Mary Jo Foster, Director of Elder Services



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